History of the Collection


The bulk of the collection is made up of the personal archives of Margaret Allemang. The remainder was donated, at various times, to the Allemang Centre with early donations facilitated by Natalie Riegler. Between 1999 and 2006 Bridgepoint Health (formerly Riverdale Hospital) provided free storage though Dr. Allemang’s collection remained in her house until 2004. By 2006, it was increasingly clear to the Allemang Centre directors that it was necessary to seek a suitable, permanent home for the collection. We realized that textual material and artifacts would have to be separated. The University of Toronto Archives was our first choice for the textual material because Dr. Allemang identified herself so closely with the university.

Cataloguing History and General Information on the Collection
In 2004 the Allemang Centre received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. This paid for archival supplies and the hiring of an archivist to catalogue most of the textual records.

Earlier, in 1999, an “inventory list” was made of the World War One and Two memorabilia held by Dr. Allemang. The list included transcripts and tapes from her Oral History Project (Ryan Carpenter’s inventory).

Acquisition Details and Information on Specific Files
1. Margaret Allemang Fonds
The catalogued material pertaining directly to Margaret Allemang (research files, academic files, World War One and Two transcript files) were donated to the Allemang Centre in 2004 by Dr. Allemang. At that time, the materials were transferred from her home to storage at Bridgepoint.  Subsequently, the textual materials were sorted and catalogued by Paul Gardiner (2004/5).

a) Research Files
i) The 1958 raw data is from a research project titled “The Experiences of Eight Cardiac Patients During a Period of Hospitalisation in a General Hospital” (see report, 1960). In that era, there was little nursing research that focused on patient care (see Allemang/Riegler interview, 1993). The research was undertaken following Dr. Allemang’s return to the School of Nursing after masters’ studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. Patient observations were made at the Toronto Western Hospital on the male and female cardiac units using observers from the nursing school. Kay King (later Dean) remembers acting as an observer.

ii) For the Sunnybrook project c. 1967-1970, a special nursing unit was created at the hospital to demonstrate a system of “patient-centred care” where BScN graduates were responsible for all aspects of care of a group of patients including co-ordination with the health team. At the time, many in the nursing and medical professions still questioned the need for baccalaureate prepared nurses particularly on hospital wards, and Dr. Allemang hoped to prove their worth. Sunnybrook had just been transferred to the University of Toronto as a teaching hospital. Dr. Allemang led the project though she was frequently in Seattle working on her PhD; she felt the project suffered in consequence and it was cancelled after two years (see 1993 interview).

iii) 1978-81 Study of “Cardiac Patients Readiness to Learn.” Data was collected but for various reasons the study was not completed (see 1993 interview).

iv) Canadian Nursing Sisters in World War One and Two: Their Lives and Experiences in a Changing Society. This oral history research project was funded in part by a grant from Associated Medical Services/Hannah Institute. Dr. Allemang knew many of the participants through her membership in the Nursing Sisters Association. Interviews of the World War One nursing sisters were conducted between 1976 and 1979 and of World War Two nursing sisters between 1987 and 1995. The interviews have proved popular with historians and writers and have been utilized in at least two theses. Copies of the transcripts and tapes are in the National Library and Archives (acquired from the Canadian Nurses Association Library). The only transcripts on disk are the last eight to be transcribed (disks in the possession of Judy Young).

b) Academic files
The papers were collected by Dr. Allemang’s during the course of her career (1940-1982) and relate to her teaching and graduate studies. Following graduation from the University of Toronto School of Nursing, she was an assistant head nurse at Toronto General Hospital (cancer ward) and then served, for three years, in the Royal Canadian Air Force. After gaining a BScN (not available in 1940) and a BA from the University of Toronto she taught at the Belleville Hospital School of Nursing where she became Educational Director. In 1951, she joined the School of Nursing, University of Toronto as an instructor and remained there rising to the rank of Professor. She completed an MN in 1956 and a PhD in 1974 at the University of Washington, Seattle (see articles and interview, 1993 for more details of her career).

c) Quo Vadis Nursing School Files
The Quo Vadis material was given to the Allemang Centre in about 2000 by Margaret Mills and relates to the early years of that school. Ms. Mills became librarian at the experimental school at the end of a career that included service as a nurse in World War Two. Opened in 1964, in response to a severe nursing shortage, Quo Vadis prepared mature women and men (ages 30-50) as nurses. Considered highly successful, the school generated a considerable amount of press in its early years but, in 1974, was subsumed into the Humber College nursing program when community colleges took over all nursing diploma programs in Ontario. Ms. Mills died in February 2003. For further information on Quo Vadis see Kay Peirsdorf, “I’d Quit if I Had Time,” (Quo Vadis Alummi Association, 1987). Alumni member Bruce Weber holds the bulk of the Quo Vadis archives.

2. Muriel Uprichard Fonds
The material consists of the draft of a book on the history of nursing that Dr. Uprichard, at one time hoped to publish, also papers associated with the project, and some of Dr. Uprichard’s publications (there is an interesting annotation by her on the report “A Study of the Florence Nightingale Foundation,” 1948). Dr. Uprichard gave the materials to Mary Lang in July 1993, for the Allemang Centre (see acquisition note). At the time Ms. Lang was working on the “Guide to Nursing Archival Sources in Ontario.” Dr. Uprichard, originally from Saskatchewan, studied at Queens University, Kingston, Smith College, and the University of London, UK where she obtained a PhD in Psychology. She taught at the U of T Faculty of Nursing in the late 1950s early 1960s. In 1971, she became Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, University of British Columbia, an unusual appointment as she was not a nurse.

3. Muriel Ward Fonds
The material was acquired by Natalie Riegler, January 14, 1998, for the Allemang Centre. The collection was donated after Ms. Ward’s death by her nephew. For information on Ms. Ward see her obituary Box 12 F002.

4. Helen Carpenter Collection
The material was donated by Dr. Carpenter February 8, 1997 to the Allemang Centre (accepted by Natalie Riegler). Dr. Carpenter was Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto 1962-72.
Note – The Faculty of Nursing monograph “On Caring” by Sister Simone Roach was sent to Sister Simone as a permanent donation in 2005.

5. Mary Potts Collection
The collection was donated by Mary Potts Harper’s husband Len Harper in August 1999. It was received by Natalie Riegler on behalf of the Allemang Centre (see letter August 29, 1999).

6. M. Jean Wilson Collection
This box of textual material and photographs (Box 15 F0003) was catalogued by Paul Gardiner but does not appear in the listing of the Allemang fonds. Diana Mansell, a close friend of Ms. Wilson’s during the latter part of her life, gave the materials to Judy Young for the Allemang Centre. They were acquired following Ms. Wilson’s death in December 2000. Attached is a biography of Ms. Wilson, a long-time professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto (1937-1972)

7. Patricia S. B. Stanojevic Fonds.
Patricia Stonojevic donated the materials to the Allemang Centre. They were accepted by Natalie Riegler in 1996. Ms. Stanojevic provided a Curriculum Vitae detailing her career in nursing.

Additional Allemang Materials (3 boxes)
These materials either missed the cataloguing in 2004/5 or were given to Judy Young by John Allemang after his aunt’s death.

Inventory of Additional Materials
Box 1
This box contains textual materials, photographs, and audiotapes either directly related to Margaret Allemang or collected by her.

File 1. Dr. Allemang’s Curriculum Vitae (1994), her navy postings in World War Two, Globe and Mail death notice.

File 2. Transcript and two audiotapes from interviews Dr. Allemang gave to Natalie Riegler in 1993 in which she describes her life and career. Transcribed by Judy Young.

File 3. Article from Registered Nurse, 1997 about Dr. Allemang.

File 4. Report of research study “The Experiences of Eight Cardiac Patients,” 1960.

File 5. Photos annotated by Dr. Allemang
Student group 1939 School of Nursing, University of Toronto
Dr. Allemang at Toronto General Hospital 1940 or 41(3 photos)
U of T nursing students at TGH 1955
Dr. Allemang in her home 1997

File 6. PhD thesis, 1974

File 7. Globe and Mail, 1957 pictorial article on the U of T School of Nursing.

File 8. Article by Dr. Allemang on Isabel Hampton Robb for Registered Nurse, 1994. Portrait of Robb and two letters concerning her.

Articles and Reports belonging to Dr. Allemang
File 9. List of published writing of Isabel Stewart. Robb and Stewart were famous nursing leaders (late 19th and early 20th centuries) who Dr. Allemang researched for her PhD thesis.

File 10. “Proposed Curriculum for Schools of Nursing in Canada” (Canadian Nurses Association, 1936). Supplement to proposed curriculum, 1940.

File 11. “A Study of the Functions of the Head Nurse in a General Hospital” (Dept. of National Health and Welfare, 1954).

File 12. “Nursing Education in Canada,” 1964. A report by Helen Mussallem.

File 13. “Proposal for a Masters Degree in Nursing” (U of T, 1970).

File 14. 1932 article by Bertha Harmer on the School for Graduate nurses at McGill University.

File 15. Relates to nursing research 1967-68
a) Bibliography of nursing research, 1967
b) Memo from Alma Reid to Dr. Fraser Mustard 1967.
c) Draft report, “The Provincial Role in Health Research with Specific Reference to Nursing” (Ontario Council of Health, sub-committee on nursing research, 1968).

File 16. Unpublished report “Working Conditions of Nurses in Canada, 1958.” Prepared by the Dept. of Labour for the Women’s Bureau.

File 17. Brief to the Committee on the Healing Arts, May 1966 from the School of Nursing University of Western Ontario.

File 18. Unpublished, undated report “A View of Nursing Education and Practice” by Margaret MacLachlan. Report of study tour.

Box 2
This box contains textual material and photographs related to the University of Toronto and to the Nursing Sisters Association

Acquisition Information
a) The materials in Files 1 and 2 were collected by Judy Young in the late 1980s at the Faculty of Nursing.
b) Materials in Files 3 to 11 were collected by Margaret Allemang.

File 1. School of Nursing.
a) Letter from Kathleen Russell to graduates of the Public Health Programme, 1932
b) Information on courses 1939-46
c) Nursing Administration exam 1955-6
d) Paper by Nettie Fidler, 1944 (Fidler was Director 1952-62)

File 2. School of Nursing Alumnae related papers 1932-37

File 3. Photo – Red Cross Nursing Corps Hart House, 1943 and pin. Belonged to Anne Ritchie. Donated by her niece.

File 4. Photos, captions, and letter related to the military nursing exhibit that was part of “University of Toronto Remembers,” 1995. Display organized by Margaret Allemang and J. Fred Brailey.

File 5. A list of graduates of the University of Toronto School of Nursing known to have served in the Allied Armed Forces during World War Two.

File 6. Copies of letters written to Kathleen Russell by graduates of the School of Nursing during World War Two.

File 7. Materials related to Edith Dick, graduate of University of Toronto Public Health Nursing Program 1932. Includes a copy of her World War Two citation, obituary, and information on her career, photo of Dick in France 1944.

File 8. Materials related to Dorothy Percy, instructor, School of Nursing, University of Toronto (late 1930s to 1941). Includes articles etc. on to her distinguished career.

File 9. Nursing Sisters Association of Canada (Toronto Unit)
Membership lists, By-laws

File 10. Nursing Sisters Association of Canada
Directories 1948, 1958, 1986, 1994, and By-laws
Menu for dinner given by Ontario Provincial Government for Biennial in 1978. Registrants to Biennial meetings 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992.

File 11. Nursing Sisters Association photograph, Toronto Unit Remembrance Day lunch, 1993.
Box 3
The three photo albums and two scrapbooks belonged to Irene and Delta Mick who enlisted in 1939 and served with Number 15 Canadian General hospital in England, North Africa and Italy. Many of the photos are annotated. The scrapbooks contain mementos of their time overseas and include, theatre programs, hotel bills, passes, invitations, and newspaper articles. For further information on the Mick sisters see the biography in the administrative files. The albums are as follows:
1. Small black photo album belonged to Irene Mick
2. Brown leather album belonged to Delta Mick
3. Large brown photo album belonged to Delta Mick
4. Envelope with loose photos mainly official Canadian military photos of Number 15 General Hospital in North Africa.
5. Red scrapbook belonged to Delta
6. Black scrapbook belonged to Irene