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7 September 1997 Ethel Irwin 3 inches

7 September 1997 Dr. Helen Carpenter 5 inches

27 November 1998 Catherine McNaughton 1 inch

Personal Papers, Research:

24 April 1998 Muriel Ward 1/2 cu. ft.



Ann Baillie Building, Kingston, Ontario. This former nurses' residence for the Kingston General Hospital has been recognized by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada for its significance in women's history. Though it now houses the Museum of Health Care for Eastern Ontario, the building retains much of its original character. Other nurses' residences which have been recognized by Historic Sites and Monuments are the Hershey Pavilion, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal; the Pavilion Mailloux, Hôpital Notre Dame, Montreal; Begbie Hall, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria; and the Nurses' Residence, St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg. [Ann Lukits, "New Historic Site Named," Kingston Whig-Standard 12 May 1998, 4]. [Courtesy of Marilyn Boston].

Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine, Toronto. Located at the Toronto General Division, The Toronto Hospital, 101 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C4. CONTACT: Felicity Pope, Curator. TEL: 416-603-5444; FAX: 416-603-5863; E-MAIL: <>; WEBSITE: <>. [Courtesy of Arlene Scuka].

Dispensaire de la garde à La Corne, Quebec. On 24 June 1997, this dispensary was opened as a historical site. Gertrude Duchemin was the nurse from its beginning in 1936 to 1976. The clinic was part of a network of more than 170 dispensaries throughout Quebec created to supply health services in outlying areas. The nurse lived and worked on site. La Corne is located on highway 111, halfway between Val d'Or and Amos. [Nicole Rousseau, "New Historical Site," Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN), 9 (Spring 1997): 4].

German Underground Hospital, Jersey, Channel Islands. Built between 1941 and 1944 during the German occupation, this museum displays an operating room, doctor's and nurse's quarters, wards, offices, and storerooms. [Victoria Stevens, "Coves & Castles: French Names and English Culture — The Channel Islands Blend Best of Both Worlds," Toronto Star 20 June 1998, J1, J14].

In Flanders Fields Museum, Belgium. A recently opened museum located in the rebuilt medieval Cloth Hall, Ypres/Ieper. Emphasis is on promoting peace and tolerance. It portrays war through the experiences of soldiers, nurses, townspeople, farmers, refugees, etc. [Joanna Ebbutt, "In Flanders Fields: A Memorable Museum in an Old Belgian Battlefield," Toronto Star, 7 November 1998, J5].

Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus. A nursing museum in the Civic Parkdale clinic has been opened in the former Ottawa Civic Hospital. It features photographs, uniforms and memorabilia from the Civic Hospital and its School of Nursing. CONTACT: Gwen Hefferman, Coordinator Clinical Service, Education. TEL: 613-798-5555 x6097. [NRIG News 13 (Fall 1998): 6].

Pier 21 Museum, Halifax. This marine site is being developed as a "living centre" in acknowledgement of its role as "the gateway to Canada" for many immigrants between 1928 and 1971. [Sid Adilman, "`Gateway to Canada' Becoming a Museum," Toronto Star 8 December 1998, F8].



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Canadian Historical Association Council. CHAC would like to hear from individuals who are earning their living by contract research or freelance consultancy in history. The Council is interested in helping researchers and ensuring quality standards of historical research. CONTACT: Judith Finguard c/o CHA office; E-MAIL: <>. [CCWH Newsletter) (Spring 1998): 9].

Society for History as Mandatory Education (SHAME). Organized by university history graduate students in Ottawa to advocate for Canadian history in education. CONTACT: Theodore Colombo, 2-65 rue Marengère, Hull, QU J8Y 1N5; E-MAIL: <> or <>. [CCWH Newsletter) (Spring 1998): 9].



Belfon, John Franklin. "Constance Lenora Giscomb Belfon." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 29 January 1999, A20.

21 March 1910-18 September 1998.

Constance Belfon was born in Boston and trained as a Registered Nursing Assistant in the 1960s. She worked for the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Toronto until her retirement. Belfon helped found the Canadian Anti-Apartheid Association and the library of black literature and politics at the Home Service Association, Toronto. Because of her sense of social justice, political interests, concern for people and her social activism, she became known on the street where she lived as the "queen of Borden Street." Her son describes her as a woman who "gave her time unconditionally," knowing that "time is not money, but time is life." Belfon died in Toronto.



Guly, Christopher. "Evelyn Agnes Pepper." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 4 June 1998, A20.

3 March 1905-2 April 1998.

Ev Pepper was born in Ottawa and at age 13 received the Canadian Girl Guide Badge of Merit for helping to rescue a drowning man. In 1928, she graduated from the Ottawa Civic Hospital and later attended McGill University. During World War II, she served overseas as a Nursing Sister with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in England, Italy, Holland and France. After the war she wrote a wound simulation training manual for use by both the Canadian and American military. She developed and taught a nursing-in-disaster program in conjunction with Canada's civil defense program. Besides decorations for her military service, Pepper was named a commander of the Order of St. John, awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal (International Red Cross), honoured by the Canadian National Council of Veteran Associations, made a member of the Order of Canada and was Honorary President of the Nursing Sisters Association of Canada. Pepper died in Ottawa.



Hart, Christine. "Alice Margaret Blood MacKinnon." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 22 January 1999, A18.

23 June 1894-8 January 1999

Alice Blood, born in Borne, England, trained at St. Bartholomew's and served in Etaples during World War I. After the war, she came to Canada, married a Cape Breton medical doctor, Hugh MacKinnon, and settled in the Annapolis Valley. In 1998 she was awarded the Major John McRae Medallion and certificates of appreciation from France and Queen Elizabeth for distinguished service during the Great War. These honours were presented at her bedside in Halifax several hours before she died.



Littleton, James. "Cheryl Elizabeth Ozon Littleton." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 17 March 1998, A16.

13 December 1944-10 February 1998

Cheryl Littleton, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, spent her childhood on Prince Edward Island and worked as a nurse across almost all of Canada. In the 1970s she was employed at Eaton's as an occupational health nurse. She became a nurse practitioner and worked at the Hospital for Sick Children counselling the abused, street kids, and other adolescents. Littleton died in Toronto.



McNaughton, Cath, and Frieda Forman. "Mary O'Brien." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 13 November 1998, A22; Joel Baglole, "Mary O'Brien, Feminist Scholar and Teacher," Toronto Star 20 October 1998, B5.

8 July 1926-17 October 1998

Mary O'Brien was born in Walmer, Kent, England and trained in England. Her nursing career included midwifery at Oakbank Hospital in Glasgow, tuberculosis research at the Grace Dart Hospital in Montreal where she became Director of Nursing, part-time employment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Toronto. O'Brien's pursuit of higher education led to a Ph.D. in sociology, a faculty position at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the publication of her thesis The Politics of Reproduction. O'Brien died in Toronto.



"Remembering Bertha Harmer." History of Nursing News 8 (March 1998): 8.

2 March 1885-14 December 1934

In Canada, Harmer, who graduated from the Toronto General Hospital (TGH) in 1913, was known not only for her leadership at McGill University but also for her authorship of Macmillan's Text-Book of the Principles and Practice of Nursing. [ed.— This book first appeared in April 1922 when Harmer was teaching theory and practical nursing at St. Luke's Hospital Training School for Nurses in New York City. The success of her book was soon apparent and may have been part of the conversation when she attended the TGH tea held in October 1925 by Jean Gunn, Superintendent of Nurses, for Alicia Lloyd-Still, Matron of St. Thomas' Hospital, London, England. The 2nd edition appeared in June 1928. By now Harmer had left her position as Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Nursing and First Assistant Superintendent of Nurses at the New Haven Hospital in Connecticut and had moved to Montreal where she was Director for the School for Graduate Nurses at McGill University, a position she held until ill health made it necessary to resign in 1934. The third edition was the last to appear under her name alone. It was published July 1934; Harmer died 14 December 1934. Christena Wallace, TGH'22, who nursed Harmer at her Toronto home during her terminal illness, recalled Harmer editing the book and conferring with Macmillan while she was dying. Wallace also commented that, because Harmer's book was so popular, Macmillan did not want to remove her name from its authorship. The 4th and 5th edition appeared in 1939 and 1955 with Virginia Henderson as second author. Though Macmillan held the copyright for all five editions, in the 5th edition, on the Printer's Imprint page, there is a line to the effect that the copyright had been renewed in 1950 by Bertha Harmer.]



Sullivan, J. M. "Joyce Nevitt." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 7 January 1999, A20.

16 November 1916-10 November 1998

Joyce Nevitt was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England and graduated in nursing from the London County Hospital. Before coming to Canada, she worked at London's Royal Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. In 1945 she moved to Hamilton, Ontario where she earned a degree in nursing at McMaster University. Her Canadian nursing career included being a head nurse at the Toronto Western Hospital, working in rural public health services, teaching at the University of Western Ontario, London, and Wayne State University in Detroit. In 1965 she went to St. John's, Newfoundland to establish the baccalaureate degree in nursing program at Memorial University. After resigning in 1973 she began to write White Caps and Black Bands: Nursing in Newfoundland to 1934 (1978). Nevitt continued to teach at Memorial and the Grace General Hospital School of Nursing. She died in St. John's.



 Swift, Jamie. "Mary Hamilton." Globe and Mail (Toronto), 23 October 1998, A22.

30 April 1909-13 October 1998

Hamilton was born in Elgin, Ontario and nursed at St. Vincent de Paul, Brockville in the 1930s. She joined the Sisters of Providence and nursed across Canada: Montreal, Brockville, Smith Falls, Kingston, Moose Jaw, Edmonton, Camrose. She retired to the mother house in Kingston and in her 80s could be found at Kingston's city hall protesting the government's treatment of the poor and the weak. Hamilton died in Kingston.



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Samuel J. Zakon Award in the History of Dermatology. This competition is open to historians. CONTACT: John Thorne Crissey, MD, Chair, Samuel J. Zakon Award Committee, 608 Sierra Madre Boulevard, San Marino, California 91108. [Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 14, no. 2 (1997): 324].




Mar 12-13 Re-producing Women's History: Working Seminars Across the Generations. Conference being held by the Women's History Faculty at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. CONTACT: Prof. Bonnie S. Anderson, Ph.D Program in History, City University of New York Graduate Center, 33 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036. [CCWH Newsletter (Spring 1998): 5].

Apr 13 3rd Annual Caring Conference (RNAO), "Moving Caring into the New Millennium." In Toronto. CONTACT: RNAO. [NRIG News 13 (Fall 1998): 7].

Apr 15-18 Society for Military History Meeting, "War in History, Myth, and Memory: An End-of-Millennium Retrospective." At Penn State University. CONTACT: Prof. Carol Reardon, Department of History, Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802. TEL: 814-863-2658; E-MAIL: <>. [Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN), 11 (Autumn 1998): 12].

Apr 15-16 Exploring Issues in Nursing History: Cinderella Services. At Faculty of Health, South Bank University, London, England. CONTACT: Antoinette Dixon, Conference Officer, South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA, UK. TEL: +44-0-171-815-6908; E-MAIL <>.

Apr 15-17 Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Annual General Meting, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Apr 17 Nursing Research Interest Group (RNAO) will hold its Annual General Meeting in Richmond Hill. Registration is through the RNAO. [NRIG News 13 (Fall 1998): 6].

Apr 23 36th Annual Isabel Maitland Stewart Conference on Research in Nursing. At Teachers College, Columbia University. CONTACT: Dr. Diane J. Mancino. TEL: 212-581-2211 x2211; E-MAIL <>. [Bulletin (AAHN), 60 (Fall 1998): 6].

May 6-9 American Association for the History of Medicine. In New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Jun 6-8 Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting. At Sherbrooke, Quebec. CONTACT: Peter Gossage, Histoire, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec J1K 2R1; E-MAIL: <>. [OWHN Newsletter 3 (September 1998): 1].

Jun 16-18 International Nursing Research Conference. At the University of Alberta, Edmonton. Sponsored by the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing, the Mu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, and the Canadian Association for Nursing Research. CONTACT: Janis Winters, Conference Secretary, TEL: 403-492-6832; FAX: 403-492-2551; E-MAIL: <>; WEBSITE:>.

Jun 18-20 12th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference. In Edmonton, Alberta. This conference will immediately follow the International Nursing Research Conference. CONTACT: Lorraine Mychaljunow. TEL: 403-453-0534; TOLL FREE: 1-800-252-9392; FAX: 403-482-4459; E-MAIL <> or Dr. Judith Hibberd. TEL: 403-492-6399; FAX: 403-492-2551; E-MAIL <>. [Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN), 11 (Spring 1998): 8; flyer].

Jun 27-Jul 1 Centennial Conference, International Council of Nurses. "Celebrating Nursing's Past: Claiming the Future." In London, England. CONTACT: Brian French, Conference Manager, Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Square, London, WIM OAB, UK. [Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN), 11 (Spring 1998): 8].

Jul 4-10 Australian Society of the History of Medicine. In Sydney, Australia. CONTACT: Dr. Judith Godden, 12 Boronia Avenue, Epping, NSW 2121, Australia. [Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 14, no. 2 (1997): 323].

Oct 1-3 Sixteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. To be co-sponsored with Boston College, Boston, MA.

Oct 8-9 Centennial Gala Celebration Celebrating 100 Years of Influence. Commemorating the establishment of graduate nursing education at Teachers College, Columbia University. CONTACT: Dr. Diane J. Mancino. TEL: 212-581-2211 x217; E-MAIL <>. [Bulletin (AAHN), 60 (Fall 1998): 6].



May 17-21 American Association for the History of Medicine Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland.

June 13th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fall Seventeenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. To be co-sponsored with the College of Nursing, Villanova, University, Villanova, PA.



Apr 18-22 American Association for the History of Medicine Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina.

June 14th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

Fall Eighteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. Co-sponsored with the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.



June 15th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Fall Nineteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. Co-sponsored with Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, Utah.



June 16th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan.



Australia. The School of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the University of New South Wales in conjunction with its Centre for the History of Health and Medicine plans to open a Graduate Certificate in Arts (History of Medicine). To be offered in 1999. On-campus attendance not required. CONTACT: Professor W. R. Albury, School of STS, University of New South Wales, Sidney, NSW 2052, Australia. [Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 14, no. 2 (1997): 322].

United States. New York's Columbia University's School of Public Health Division of Sociomedical Sciences with the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons's Center for the Study of Society and Medicine, and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Department of History has a new program, History of Public Health and Medicine (HPHM) leading either to an MPH or PhD in the history of public health and medicine. CONTACT: Martina Lynch, Administrative Assistant, Columbia University, School of Public Health, Division of Sociomedical Sciences, Program in History of Public Health and Medicine, 100 Haven Avenue, 17H Tower 3, New York, NY 10032; TEL: 212-304-7978; FAX: 212-304-7942; E-MAIL <>. [Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 14, no. 2 (1997):321-322].



O'Brian, Patrick. The Hundred Days. London: HarperCollins, 1998. In this book, the 19th of the Aubrey-Maturin novels about the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic period, O'Brian has a female nurse, Mrs. Poll Skeeping, working on board ship with the surgeon Stephen Maturin.



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Sigma Theta Tau International.

Whelan, Jean. "Employing Nurses: Private Duty to Staff, 1923-1963." [Bulletin (AAHN), 59 (Summer 1998): 7].



Nursing History Cards. The Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta has a set of 10 cards of five different items: the first 5 graduates of the public health course in 1918, the University Hospital in 1929, the diploma class of 1923, and two nurses. CONTACT: Karen Anderson, Assistant, Public Relations and Fund Development, 3rd Floor, CSB, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G 2G3. TEL: 403-492-0051. [Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN), 11 (Spring 1998): 7].

TTH 1999 Calendar,"A Celebration: Images of Nursing." The nurses at The Toronto Hospital have a calendar to sell. The monies are for the Nursing Scholarship Fund. Each month has a picture by artist-nurse Angela Ash and a list of historical moments at the Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals. CONTACT: Public Relations at TTH.



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Allemang, Dr. Margaret M. Margaret received an Honorary Life Membership in the RNAO at its 1998 Annual General Meeting. This was presented in recognition of her distinguished service and outstanding contributions made to the nursing profession, provincially, nationally and internationally. All of us who have had contact with Margaret agree that she has "dedicated her professional life to nursing education, research and history" and in her personal life has shared her deep interest and concern for humanity. A deserved acknowledgment! ["RNAO Recognition Awards," Registered Nurse Journal 10 (May/June 1998): 23].

Burke, Kathleen G. Burke won the 1998 AAHN Student Research prize for "The Factors that Influence the Diffusion of Health Care Technology: A Case Study of the Pulmonary Artery Catheter." University of Pennsylvania. [Bulletin (AAHN), 60 (Fall 1998): 12].

Chouaf, Kathryn L. Chouaf was given the University of Virginia Nursing Alumni Historical Scholarship Award for the Outstanding Nursing History paper done by an undergraduate, "Richmond, Virginia: Nursing and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918." [Windows in Time 6 (August 1998): 9].

McGee, Dr. Arlee Hoyt. In a letter, Normand L. McDonald, Executive Director of the Association of New Brunswick Registered Nursing Assistants and Curator of the New Brunswick Healthcare Museum in Fredericton, pays tribute to Arlee's leadership in preserving nursing history. Arlee has not only established a nursing history centre at the NANB, but she has a growing list of publications to her name. A New Brunswick treasure. ["McGee Truly Dedicated to her Work." Canadian Nurse 94 (August 1998): 12].



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Arton, Michael, editor, History Info. Looking for information about refugee nurses from Germany or Austria between 1938-1939 who arrived in Britain under the auspices of the nursing sub-committee, Home Office's Co-ordinating Committee for Refugees. ADDRESS: 122 Sunningfields Road, London NW4 4RE; TEL/FAX: 0181-203-2733. [History Info Summer 1998): 3].

Brodie, Dr. Barbara, Director, Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, University of Virginia School of Nursing. Would appreciate receiving any materials related to Annie Laurie Crawford to add to their present collection. Crawford was a faculty member at Duke University School of Nursing, specializing in psychiatry and mental health. She retired in 1974. ADDRESS: McLeod Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903; E-MAIL <bb9w@Virginia.Edu>. [Windows in Time 6 (August 1998): 10].

Butler, Mrs. V. Ruth. Seeking information re: Kidderminster District Nursing Service and Countess Rachel's contribution to this service in Ireland and Australia. ADDRESS: 10 Brinton Crescent, Sutton Farm Estate, Kidderminster, Worcs DY11 6NT; TEL: 01562-515324. [History Info (Summer 1998): 3].

Comrie, Commander Gill, ARRC. Asking for money, on behalf of the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service centenary commemoration in 2002, to refurbish the chapel of the Holy Martyrs at Portsmouth Cathedral. A plaque will commemorate naval nursing. Donations may be sent to 10 Anglesey Arms Road, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 2DG. [International History of Nursing Journal 4 (Autumn 1998): 50].

Gallinnagh, Róisin, Lecturer/Practitioner in Nursing, Department of Health and Social Sciences, University of Ulster. Searching for information about Agnes Jones. Jones was affiliated with the Donegal/Derry area of Ireland, and has a house named for her on the Altnagelrin Hospital grounds. ADDRESS: Newtonabbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland BT37 0QB. TEL: 01232-365131. [History Info (Summer 1998): 3].

Glass, Laurie K., and Ellen K. Murphy. Wanting information about Ivy B. Clifford who was on faculty at New York University. ADDRESS: <>. [Laurie K. Glass and Ellen K. Murphy, "History Corner: Discovery and Detective Work." AORN 68 (December 1998): 1023].

Glenister, David, lecturer in mental health nursing, Department of Undergraduate and Pre-Registration Nursing and Midwifery Studies, University of Hull. Seeking information about RCN Nurses who were mental health nurses 1939-1979. ADDRESS: School of Nursing, Cottingham Road, Hull HU6 7RX; TEL: 01482-465802. [History Info (Summer 1998): 3].

Kay, Gloria, Conestogo, Ontario. Wishes to add to her collection of nurses' caps. Gloria started collecting caps in the 1970s and now has approximately 90 items from Canada, India, Scotland and England. CONTACT: 519-664-1903. [The Quarterly (TGH Alumnae) (Summer 1998): 13].

Kinder, Anthony. Researching the history of paediatric nursing in England and would like to hear from nurses concerning their experiences related to children's nursing. ADDRESS: 16 Atkinson House, Catesby Street, London, SE17 1QU; TEL: 0171-701-0626. [International History of Nursing Journal 3 (Winter 1997/1998): 94].

Levine, Allan E. MLS. Writing a biography of Dr. Tillson Lever Harrison and wants to include a nursing perspective. Levine would like to hear from or about nurses who worked with Harrison, 1915-1947. Harrison served in China during World War One and the 1920s, had a private practice in Shanghai before World War Two, served with the Royal Navy in the Indian Ocean theatre and worked with UNRRA in Shanghai and Kaifeng. He died in 1947. ADDRESS: Box 2244, Station D, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5W4. TEL: 613-567-4892; FAX: 613-567-8589; E-MAIL <> or <>. [Newsletter (CAHN/ACHN) 9 (Spring 1997): 3].

Royal College of Nursing, Australia. Seeking donations to build the Australian Service Nurses' Memorial, Anzac Parade, Canberra. During World War II, 3,477 nurses enlisted with the Australian Army Nursing Service. At the dedication of the memorial's site on 15 February 1997, three WW II nurses were present. They had survived the Japanese invasion of Singapore and 3_ years as prisoners of war in a Japanese war camp. The goal is two million dollars. ADDRESS: National Nurses' Memorial Trust, Royal College of Nursing, 1 Napier Close, Deakin, ACT 2600. Australia. ["Million Dollar Day for Service Nurses' Memorial," Australian Nursing Journal 6 (August 1998): 5].

Smith, Susanna, Project Researcher/Archivist, The National Trust. Wanting memorabilia and information about Thurgarton Hundred Workhouse/Greet House, Upton, near Southwell, Nottinghamshire. The National Trust has purchased this institution and would like to contact nurses who worked there c1930. ADDRESS: East Midlands Regional Office, Clumber Park Stableyard, Worksop, Notts. S80 3BE; TEL: 01909-486411. [International History of Nursing Journal 3 (Winter 1997/1998): 95-96].

Stanley, Ms. Jo. Needs information about merchant vessel nurses (not QARNNS) to do a Nursing Times feature. ADDRESS: Dobroyd Castle, Todmorten, West Yorkshire. TEL: 01706-810443. [History Info (Summer 1998): 3].

Tipliski, Veryl. Researching psychiatric mental health nursing in Canada, 1888-1950 for her doctoral thesis. Would like to talk with mental hospital nurses from the 1940s. ADDRESS: 607 Stradbrook Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0K3; TEL: 204-284-8661; FAX: 204-284-4748.



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Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia: Names added in 1998: Mabel Grey (1880-1976), Isabelle Maude Hill (1871-1936), Margaret Johnson (1871-1929), Shirley Lemiski (1950-1995), Evelyn Mallory (1902-1993), Sister Frances Redmond (1854-1932), Edna Rossiter (1905-1988), Kathleen Simpson (1930-1995), Dorothy Tate Slaughter (1911-1993). [Helen Shore, "RNABC Memorial Book 1998 Nominations," History of Nursing News 9 (August 1998): 14-15].



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Canadian Association for the History of Nursing/Association canadienne pour l'histoire du nursing, in Ottawa, 29-31 May, 1998. Held in conjunction with the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine at the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities (formerly the Learned Societies):

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On 23 April 1908, Mary Agnes Snively, Superintendent of Nurses at the Toronto General Hospital, closed her address to the graduating class of the Kingston General Hospital with

The foundations are already laid in our nature; in each of us there are promises of a growth, to which no limitation can be set. Therefore, "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, think on these things.




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