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BOOK REVIEW: by Carol Helmstadter.

Politics, Policy & Nursing. Anita Fatchett. London: Baillière Tindall, 1994. 135 pp. Paperback. ISBN 0-7020-1791 4.

For those of us who make our living as policy analysts Anita Fatchett's Politics, Policy and Nursing is a welcome and highly useful book. Throughout countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) professional nursing is under severe attack, so much so that many of us fear for its survival in our era of a declining standard of living. Fatchett starts with a brief look at the creation of the National Health Service (NHS) immediately after the Second World War but concentrates on the creation of the internal health market in the 1980's and 90's. She describes the disastrous effects which these reforms have had on nursing, and hopes that this book will convince those of us who are committed to nursing that if our profession is to survive we must become more political and establish a power base within the government.

The conceptualization of the internal health market began in the early 1980's when the government asked Roy Griffiths, the Managing Director of a large supermarket chain, to conduct an enquiry into the health care system. For Griffiths, as for the consultants whom Ontario's hospitals and District Health Councils are now hiring, health care was a business, a commercial enterprise like any other. In Griffiths' view, the main problem with the NHS was its failure to recognize that it was big business and as such its purpose was to satisfy consumer choice. The Griffiths Report, published in 1983, identified an unclearly defined management function as the central weakness of the NHS. Griffiths and his team found the old style of managing health care through collaboration between the different health professions inefficient. Responsibility was seldom vested in one person, and reliance on consensus management, they wrote, led to "lowest common denominator decisions, and long delays in the management process." Griffith's cure for this difficulty was to introduce the concept of the general manager, an individual who is not identified by profession but who has tended to be business rather than health care trained.

The Griffiths Report did not consider nursing an important or essential service within the NHS. With the exception of one allusion to manpower levels, the Report made only one reference to nursing or nurses: "If Florence Nightingale were carrying her lamp through the corridors of the NHS today, she would almost certainly be searching for the people in charge." As a result of the Report's recommendations, nursing as such disappeared from hospital to senior managements. The position of matron was deleted precisely as hospitals in Ontario which are embracing patient-focused care designs remove directors of nursing and head nurses, replacing them with information and operations officers who are preferably MBA trained.

In the new NHS District Health Authorities, general practitioners (GPs) and private patients are considered "purchasers." They purchase health care from the "providers," who consist of Health Authority Directly Managed Units, self-governing trusts (examples of the trusts are hospitals, such as Guy's which has now become an autonomous unit, Guy's Hospital Trust), and of course, private practitioners. The theory is that the competitive environment of the purchaser-provider system will stimulate greater efficiency, raise the standards of care, and place the consumer in control. This is the model with which we in Canada have become all too familiar as the same international consultants are hired by our hospitals and health agencies to introduce the patient-focused care system. From the point of view of the nurses working in the newly structured hospitals and health agencies, the Canadian experience has been the same as that in Britain: the care has become less professional, and less patient centred. With the introduction of expensive new Management Information Systems which make it possible to track the costs of each patient down to almost the last penny, the care is really more accurately called patient-cost centred rather than patient-care centred.

Doctors' and nurses' unions, nine Royal Medical Colleges and the Royal College of Nursing all opposed the new internal market concept, but without success. For the health care professionals the issue was, is the consumer really better served by the commercialization of the NHS? Fatchett points out that the real purchasers in the system are not the consumers. Apart from those who are wealthy enough to personally pay for their care, the real purchasers are the general practitioners and the health authorities who decide from which hospital or specialist to purchase service for their patients. The net result has been a fragmented, commercialized and privatized system which destroys the power and authority of health care professionals. And while the language of the reforms has all been couched in terms of health promotion, public health has been largely abandoned. The internal health market uses the GP as the point of entry into the system and concentrates its energies on the hospitals. The parallels to the reforms which the Conservative government seeks to introduce in Ontario by means of Bill 26 are striking.

Manpower figures provide the clearest evidence of the impact of the new internal market on nursing. By 1993 there were 18,000 more managers and office staff in the employ of the NHS while 8,500 nursing jobs had disappeared. In 1995, our own District Health Council in Metro Toronto made a survey of health care system reforms in selected OECD countries and reported that by 1995 11,500 more NHS nurses had lost their jobs, making a total of 20,000 nursing positions gone from the system so far.

Fatchett, who is Senior Lecturer in Nursing at Leeds Metropolitan University, makes her approach clear in her title. She is writing a book about the way government policies have changed the NHS and with it, the nursing profession which constituted approximately half of its employees. She indicates that a two-tier occupation is emerging, a system which favours a few élite nurses who have secured positions as business managers in the system. The great majority of nurses, if they are able to hold on to their job, are being downgraded in pay, security and professional standing. As in Ontario today, the pressure to contain costs, the enthusiasm for an industrial and commercial managerial culture, and the search for cost-effective labour has resulted in cheaper, untrained staff who are taking on much of what used to be skilled nursing work. All of these factors combine to question and, Fatchett would say, to denigrate nursing's expertise, knowledge, and indeed its professionalism.

It has often been said that policy analysis is simply history applied to the present, an empirical exercise which helps us develop more expedient policies for the future. Fatchett's use of the history of the introduction of the internal health care market does this very effectively. Historians may be less satisfied, however, with her explanations of why nursing has succumbed so easily to the attack of the new managerial culture. Her explanations rely on classical sociological analyses of professionalism. She accepts Amitai Etzioni's finding that nurses are only semi-professionals, and Eva Gamarnikow's feminist analysis of why nursing failed to emerge as a full profession. These theorists see nurses as the housewives of medicine, exploited by a society which identifies nursing with mothering. For Gamarnikow the nurse's role in the hospital ward was simply an extension of her role in the domestic sphere.

All of this has been said many times before and contains a great deal of truth. But for those of us who are historians, explanations which hinge on sociological concepts of semi-professionalism and oppression seem inadequate. This analysis lacks the humanistic concern with the individuals who shaped the course of nursing's history. It also begs the essential question of why, when nursing is such an essential part of health care — both from the point of view of health promotion and disease prevention and from the point of view of care for those who are acutely ill — has nursing fared so badly in the development of the new NHS?

When Herodotus, the father of history, set out to write his pathbreaking Histories, he chose the Persian Wars which occurred during his lifetime as his subjects. He spent his whole life researching the background of those epic wars so that future generations, he wrote, could be aware of the astonishing achievements of both the Greek and the Persian people. More particularly, he wanted to find out how these wars happened, and what the causes of the conflict were. His history seems naive to those who are unfamiliar with the dramas and myths which were considered history before Herodotus insisted on the importance of careful research and the use of multiple sources. History has branched out in many different directions since the fifth century B.C., but nevertheless, historians in their search for meaning and causation in history still look closely at those individuals who were leaders in their time asking, as did Herodotus, what was their motivation, what were their capabilities, and what kind of resources did they have. Above all, the historian still looks, as did Herodotus, for those great achievements which have meaning not only in their own time but for posterity.

Fatchett gives us a clear picture of what has happened to the British health care system since the 1980s, and she offers the suggestion that the only way to counterattack its destructive effects on professional nursing is for nurses to become politically active. She does not probe the motivations and values of the individuals who were responsible on the one side for introducing the commercialization of the NHS. On the other hand, while she discusses nursing's ethics and commitments to patient care, she does not examine those nursing leaders who clearly acquiesced in the onslaught against their profession. She devotes a section to the repressive policy of NHS managers when professionals spoke out against the changes, citing cases where people lost their jobs for so doing. But she does not tell us who was responsible for this policy. She only says that nurses are the least likely to speak out because they are the most vulnerable, lacking the authority of the GPs and the seniority of the consultants.

A historian would ask questions such as why was the government so ready to pursue a health policy which health care professionals believed would be so shattering to ethical health care? Why were nursing's leaders willing to accept changes which would lead to a poorer level of nursing care as well as the disappearance of the livelihood of so many nurses? Why did the government find the business people who proposed the new internal health market so much more credible than the health care professionals? And finally, where are the incredible deeds, as Herodotus would have put it, of both protagonists, the consultant-led government and, for Fatchett's purposes, the nurses, which give meaning and importance to what we choose to write about?

These are questions which the historian asks in the search for underlying assumptions, values, beliefs, causes and significance. They are not appropriate to policy analysis, a markedly different exercise. A reading of Politics, Policy and Nursing serves two purposes for those of us who are interested in history. First, the book provides a well researched description of the NHS in the 80's and 90's. Second, it clarifies the difference between the discipline of history with its more far-ranging and humanistic mandate, and the pragmatic practice of policy analysis, the study of courses which governments or groups have adopted in the recent past for the purpose of developing more expedient policy for the future. From the point of view of policy analysis, Fatchett has done an excellent piece of work, one which it would behoove all Canadian nurses to read and consider as Canada appears to be plunging into a similar double-tiered health care system in which the importance of nursing care is devalued.



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1997, Jan 21 For American Association for the History of Nursing, Hartford, Connecticut, 26-28 September 1997. CONTACT: Dr. Diane Hamilton, Chair, AAHN Abstract Review Committee, 2370 Mansfield Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009.



If you find yourself in London, England on Saturday, May 3, 1997, you may be in time for the annual Mary Seacole Commemorative Day. A service is to be held at her graveside in Kensal Green, followed by an annual lecture. Mary Seacole came from Jamaica and provided care to the sick and wounded during the Crimea war. After returning to England she wrote of her experiences, Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands (London: J. Blackwood, 1857). George Cadogan has edited a reprint, Mary Seacole: Jamaican Nightingale (Stratford, Ontario: Williams Wallace Publishers, 1989). CONTACT: RCN, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1M 0AB. TEL: 0171-872-0840; FAX: 0171-355-1379. (Newsletter 2 (History of Nursing Society, RCN) (Summer 1996): 2.



Margaret Kerr's name has been submitted by the BC History group. (History of Nursing News (RNABC), 7 (June 1996): 4).




Feb 14-16 University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities conference on new directions/ideas in humanities research. CONTACT: Barbara Kelcey, UMIH, 108 Isbister Bldg, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2. FAX: 204-275-5782; e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 14).

Apr 3-6 American Association for the History of Medicine in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. (Windows in Time 4 (September 1996): 4).

Apr 10-13 Southern Nursing Research Society in Norfolk, VA. CONTACT: Arlene Keeling, PhD. TEL: 804-924-5906. (Windows in Time 4 (September 1996): 4).

May 1-3 BC Studies: Tradition and Innovation. CONTACT: Cheryl Krasnick Warsh, Department of History, Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5S5; e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 14).

May 30-1 Jun Western Association of Women Historians 28th conference near San Francisco. CONTACT: Dr. Nupur Chaudhuri, 1737 Vaughn Drive, Manhattan, Kansas, USA 66502; e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 14).

Jun 6-8 Canadian Historical Association, Learned Societies conference at Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland. FAX: 709-737-2164. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 8).

Jun 6-8 Canadian Society for the History of Medicine conference at Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's. CONTACT: Dr. J. K. Crellin, CSHM Program Committee 1997, History of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3V6. FAX: 709-737-6011; e-mail: <>.

Jun 12-15 10th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference in Vancouver. This will be an international history of nursing conference planned in cooperation with the BC History of Nursing Professional Practice Group. CONTACT: Nina Rumen, Treasurer, International History of Nursing Conference, #110-1720 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 2E6. TEL: 604-733-7529 or e-mail to Beth Fitzpatrick: <>.

Jun 13-14 History and Women's Studies Outreach, University of Wisconsin-Madison. CONTACT: Joyce Follet or Nancy Worcester, Department of Liberal Studies, 610 Langdon St., Madison, WI 53703; FAX: 608-262-2475. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 15).

June 15-20 International Council of Nurses Quadrennial Congress to be held in Vancouver.

Sep 26-28 Fourteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing in association with the University of Connecticut and MU Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Hartford, CT.


June 11th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

Jun 30-2 Jul Interim conference of the International Federation for Research in Women's History to be held at the University of Melbourne, Australia. CONTACT: Nancy Hewitt: e-mail <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 8).

Fall Fifteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. To be co-sponsored with the University of Mississippi School of Nursing, Jackson, MI.


June 12th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

Fall Sixteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. To be co-sponsored with Boston College, Boston, MA.


June 13th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fall Seventeenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. To be co-sponsored with the College of Nursing, Villanova, University, Villanova, PA.


June 14th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

Fall Eighteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. Co-sponsored with the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.


June 15th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Fall Nineteenth Annual Conference of the American Association for the History of Nursing. Co-sponsored with Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, Utah.


June 16th CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference.

June Canadian Nurses' Association Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan.



Competitive Student Award (AAHN) 1995. Ellen Ellis. "The Evolution of Tuberculosis Nursing Practice at the Trudeau Sanitorium, Saranac Lake, New York, 1884-1954." Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 1.

Lavinia L. Dock Award (AAHN) 1995. Sandra Beth Lewenson. Taking Charge: Nursing Suffrage and Feminism in America, 1873-1920. Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 1.



Angels of Mercy. This video about Canadian military nurses in the first and second world war can be loaned from the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario. (Registered Nurse Journal (RNAO), 8 (October/November 1996): 17).

American Nurses' Association. To Advance We Must Unite. [History of ANA]. Produced by Diane Mancino and the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association. 55 min. NSNA Foundation ca 1996. Videocassette. ("New Film." Bulletin (AAHN), no. 52 (Fall 1996): 7).



In memory of Mary Patterson Toronto Western Hospital 1934, the following people kindly made donations to the Allemang Centre:

J. Scott Broderick • Mary Carr • Carole Carruthers • Jean Dalziel • Muriel Ferris • Mary Gilfallan • Margaret Greene • Mary Hall • Gloria Hauck • Catherine Heron • Barbara Hilliker • Elizabeth Johnston • Ruth Kaukinen • Jean MacNaughton • Enid Matheson • Dr. Helen Niskala • Helen Ott • Aruella Phoenix • Irene Reid • Marilyn Ross • Denise Smith • Loretta Stockton • Mrs. E. R. Warren.

Pat Clinch, a member of the TWH Alumnae, sent in the following note about Mary Patterson:


"Let me do what good I can because I may never pass this way again." (from the Toronto Star 1986)

Mary Patterson spent a lifetime doing good as a nurse and a volunteer.

Born in Oakville, Mary Pat, as she was affectionately known, graduated from Toronto Western Hospital School of Nursing in 1934. She spent her nursing career at Toronto Western — as a head nurse and latterly as a nursing supervisor — until her retirement in 1977. Once she retired from nursing, she continued to work as a volunteer at the hospital, wheeling patients from admitting to their rooms and looking after the Candystriper program for many years.

During her nursing career and her retirement, Mary Pat was an active member of the TWH Alumnae Association. Through many years as an executive member and especially as the Membership and Files Convenor, Mary Pat became the hub for alumnae members. She knew everyone, or so it seemed, and could tell you where they lived, what their year of graduation was, if they were married. Mary became the symbol of the alumnae association — dedicated, committed, with tireless energy, to the Association and its goals of promoting unity amongst members, furthering the advancement of the profession of nursing and participating in matters of interest to the profession and Toronto Western Hospital.

Mary Pat died on September 12, 1995. At the time of her death, she was actively involved in the planning for the 100th anniversary of the alumnae. For many years, she served as a member of the TWH Archives Committee and as the Convenor of the Alumnae Archives Collection. It is fitting that tributes to her memory were made to the Margaret M. Allemang Centre for the History of Nursing. The profession is richer because "she passed this way."



Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine (Associated Medical Services Incorporated, Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine. 1994-1995 Report) has given monetary awards to,

Connelly, Marilyn. "The Old Internationals' Association: A World-wide Network — Its Impact on Canadian Nursing.

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Shkimba, M. "British Immigrant Nurses with the Canadian Health Care System 1950-1960."

Smith, S. "More than Catching Babies: Japanese American Midwives and Public Health in Washington and Hawaii, 1910-1940."

Sigma Theta Tau awarded a grant to Susan L. Mayer, Great Neck, NY towards her dissertation "The Jewish Experience in Nursing in America, 1880-1955." Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 8.



Note Cards available from the American Association for the History of Nursing, Box 90803, Washington, DC 20090-0803. Set 1- six historic military scenes; Set 2-six historic nursing scenes. (Bulletin (AAHN), no. 52 (Fall 1996): 7.

Note Cards available from Nursing Archives, Boston University. Order from Boston University, Mugar Library Special Collections, Nursing Archives, 771 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02215. A packet includes 10 cards/envelopes: photos of graduating classes, 19th century OR, Scutari hospital ward in the Crimean war. (Nursing Archives News (Boston University), 10 (September 1996): [6].

Note Cards available from The Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, University of Virginia School of Nursing, McLeod Hall, 3008, Charlottesville, VA 22903. A packet includes 10 cards/envelopes. (Windows in Time 4 (September 1996): 3.

Monograph on nursing artifacts available from AAHN. 2nd ed., by Eleanor Herrman. (Bulletin (AAHN), no. 52 (Fall 1996): 7.



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McConkey's Restaurant. After reading how nurses frequently met at McConkey's have you wondered just where it was in Toronto? It was at 145 Yonge Street. In 1879, it became the first store lit by electric lights. ("Bragging Rights." Toronto Star, 30 June 1996, A13).



"The British Columbia Memorial Book." The RNABC passed a resolution from the BC History Nursing Group to develop and display a memoriam book of RNABC members who had contributed to nursing and the community. History of Nursing News (RNABC), 7 (March 1996): 8.

"Chemainus Mural Depicts Nurses." When in the Vancouver Island town of Chemainus, British Columbia, take a look at the mural on the side of the Chemainus Medical Clinic. You will find three nurses, Nurses Graham and Johnson with the hospital's cook and Nurse MacDougal holding a baby. Doug Driediger, an Albertan artist, painted the mural in 1988 in tribute to the Chemainus hospital of 1904. Helen Mussallem brought this to the attention of the BC nursing history group. (History of Nursing News (RNABC), 6 (June 1995): 6.

Florence Nightingale tribute. While in London, Ontario, see the stained glass window given in tribute to Nightingale. It is in the St. Luke's Garden Chapel on the site of the old Beck hospital which is now a Children's Psychiatric Research Institute. (History of Nursing News (RNABC), 7 (March 1996): 9.

McCarthy, Rosemary. "Korean War Memorial." This memorial, dedicated on 27 July 1995, can be found in Ash Woods near the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC. It shows nurses with gear and equipment. Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 4-5.



Monica Baly with Muriel Skeet is researching the history of the Middlesex Hospital School of Nursing for publication in 1998. If you know anything about the school which might be of help CONTACT: Monica E. Baly, 19 Royal Crescent, Bath, BA1 2 LT, England. They are interested in recollections, documents, and people. (Newsletter (History of Nursing Society, RCN), no. 3 (Autumn 1996): 7.

Margaret R. Currie is researching the history of fever nurse training as part of her PhD research. She is looking for the records of the Fever Nursing Association dating from 1909 and information about a Fever Nurses' League. If you can help, Margaret can be reached at 9, Cotefield, Luton, Beds., UK, LU4 OEQ. (Newsletter 2 (History of Nursing Society, RCN), (Summer 1996): 3).

Beth Fitzpatrick, editor of the BC History of Nursing News is looking for old maternity nursing texts for her private collection. In particular she is looking for Family Centered Maternity Nursing by Ernestine Wiedenbach (1950s). Beth can be found at Box 444, Brackendale, BC, V0N 1H0. TEL: 604-898-3156 or e-mail: <>. History of Nursing News (RNABC), 6 (June 1995): 3; (January 1996): 12).

Laddie Hutchins of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing Archives would appreciate receiving VGH uniforms, books and other memorabilia from training days. History of Nursing News (RNABC), 7 (October 1996): 4.

Kriste Lindenmeyer. The H-Net List for Women's History is looking for reviewers. CONTACT: Kriste Lindenmeyer, Co-editor, H-Women e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 15).

Dorothy Moore. Council on Information Resources for Nursing is revising its 1989 Guide to Archival Sources in Nursing. Nursing archives and societies wishing to have their addresses included should contact: Dorothy L. Moore, RN, MS, National Library of Medicine, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894. FAX: 301-480-3537. Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 6.



Anna Lam (1906-1996) in 1929 graduated from the Nanaimo General Hospital, British Columbia and became the first Canadian of Chinese descent to qualify as a Registered Nurse in British Columbia. (Michael Valpy, "Lives Lived: Anna Lam," Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1 April 1996, A14).



Margaret M. Allemang Centre for the History of Nursing on 23 March 1996 in Toronto, Ontario:

Lang, Mary. "The Weir Report: An Interpretation."


Margaret M. Allemang Centre for the History of Nursing on 26 October 1996 in Toronto, Ontario:

McPherson, Kathyrn read from her new book Bedside Matters: The Transformation of Canadian Nursing, 1900-1990.


American Association for the History of Nursing Special Seminar, 9 May 1996, in conjunction with the American Association for the History of Medicine conference, Buffalo, NY (flyer):

Fairman, Julie. "Whose Toy is this Anyway? Uses of Technology after 1950."

Hiestand, Wanda. "Invisible Inventors."

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Atlantis, a Canadian journal, is resuming publication and looking for articles on women's history. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 5).

Critical Matrix: The Princeton Journal of Women, Gender and Culture is interested in articles. CONTACT: Alison Demos or Anne-Lise Francois, editors, Women's Studies, Princeton University, 113 Dickinson, Princeton, NJ 08544 USA; e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 16).

Journal of Military Nursing and Research is seeking articles. CONTACT: E. J. Gossett Pub. Co., P.O. Box 528489, Chicago, IL 60652-8489. (Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 9).

Gender and History is seeking submissions. CONTACT: Grey Osterud, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College, 10 Garden Street, Cambridge MA 02138 USA. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 16).

Studies in Gender and History is seeking articles. CONTACT: Karen Dubinsky, Assistant Professor, History Department, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6. TEL: 613-545-2150; FAX: 613-545-6298; e-mail: <> or Franca Iacovetta, Associate Professor, History Department, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, M5S 1A1. TEL: 416-978-2070/416-287-7152; FAX: 416-978-4810/416-287-7116; e-mail: <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 15).


RECENT NURSING ACQUISITIONS OF THE ALLEMANG CENTRE (made available through the kindness of Moira Lynch, Margaret Van Every, Robert Macaulay, John Hardy, Norine Love, Margaret Robins and Patricia Stanojevic):

Books, Monographs & Journals.

16 Jan 91 Registered Nurses Association of Ontario 5 cu. ft

Various nursing texts and monographs.


1992 George Brown College 10 cu. ft.

Various nursing texts and monographs.


12 Jan 96 George Brown College 33 cu. ft.

Journals include:

American Journal of Nursing 1912, 1921+, 1930-1970; Canadian Journal of Public Health 1959-1973; Canadian Nurse 1905-1974; Nursing Outlook 1960-1978; Nursing Research 1965-1974; Nursing Times 1965-1974.


12 Jan 96 George Brown College 35 cu. ft.

Journals include:

American Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians 1982, 1983; Association of Operating Room Nurses Journal 1972-1974, 1980, 1982, 1983; American Journal of Nursing 1971-1982, Jan-Jun 1983; Canadian Nurse 1975, 1977-1983; Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal June 1983, Oct-Dec 1984; Child and Family vols. 15-19 (incomplete), 1982ff (loose issues); Clinical Symposia 1970-1983; Clinical Pediatrics Jan-Dec 1983; Clinics in Perinatology 1974-1983 (incomplete); Critical Care Nurse Jan-Dec 1983 (incomplete); Heart and Lung: The Journal of Critical Care 1973-1983; Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984; Journal of Nurse-Midwifery 1983-1985; Journal of Obstetric, Gynecological and Neonatal Nursing 1978-1980, 1983; Journal of Psychological Nursing 1983 (incomplete); Maternal-Child Nursing Journal 1983; American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing 1983; Medical Clinics of North America 1971-1975 (incomplete), 1977-1981 (incomplete); Modern Medicine of Canada 1954, 1966, 1967-1974; Nursing 1973-1982; Nursing Care 1973-1975, 1977-1979; Nursing Clinics of North America 1966-1983; Nursing Forum 1972-1974; Nursing Outlook 1953-1959; Nursing Research

1961-1965, 1975-1978, 1983 (incomplete), 1984 (incomplete); Neonatal Network Dec 1983; Nursing Times 1975-1980 (Jan-Mar 1979 missing); The CommOHNAcator (Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association) Feb, Jun, Oct 1983; Orthopedic Clinics 1972-1981 (incomplete), 1983 (incomplete); Perinatology-Neonatology The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Health Care 1983 (incomplete), 1985; Perspectives in Psychiatric Care 1983; R.N. 1970-1976, 1978, 1980-1983; 1984 (incomplete); RNAO News 1986-1989 (incomplete); Surgical Clinics 1971-1981 (incomplete).


26 Apr 96 Women's College Hospital Library 2 cu. ft.

Various nursing texts.


Personal Papers.

22 May 96 Patricia Anderson Stanojevic 4 cu.ft.

Books, journals, files, briefs, reports spanning her nursing career.


These items are now being held in storage by the Centre until a place can be found where our holdings pertaining to the history of nursing such as, books/journals, documents/photographs and artifacts can be made available to researchers and those interested in nursing's past. The Centre appreciates the help given by Bob Macaulay, Archivist, George Brown College, in finding suitable storage facilities.



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"The History of Nursing in the English Urban Region from 1919" was carried out by Frances Trees and the head of the Department of Nursing, University of Liverpool and directed by Professor Kate Morle. It was funded by the Wellcome Trust. One result of this study has been 76 taped interviews with retired nurses; these can be found in the archives of the Liverpool University, the RCN and the National Sound Archives. (Newsletter 2 (History of Nursing Society, RCN), no. 2 (Summer 1996): 2).

Margaret Sanger Papers Project is locating, collecting and publishing the papers of Margaret Sanger (1879-1966). This activity is sponsored by the New York University, Smith College, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations and other private agencies. It is to be made available on microfilm, CD-ROM and in book-form. CONTACT: Cathy Moran Hajo, Assistant Editor, Margaret Sanger Papers, New York University, 70 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012. TEL: 212-998-8666. (Bulletin (AAHN), no. 48 (Fall 1995): 9).

Marion McCune Rice Project is seeking information about Marion Rice, a New Hampshire nurse who served with the American Red Cross in WWI. This project is being co-ordinated by a non-profit organization from the Keene and Brattleboro area, supported by Keene State College, the Red Cross, Smith College and the New Hampshire Humanities Council. CONTACT: Steve Hooper, Project Chair, 5 Colby Street, Keene, NH 03431. TEL: 603-357-8356. (Bulletin (AAHN), no. 50 (Spring 1996): 11).



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Canadian Committee on Women's History: To join the list of members send — first name last name subscribe LINKCCWH — to <LIST SERV@UVVM. BITNET> or contact Karen Duder at the University of Victoria <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 14).

Canadian History Archive: <>. (Toronto Computes (January 1996): 87).

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H-Women Web: <>. For discussions and bibliographies on women's history. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 13).

National Library of Canada/Biblioteque nationale du Canada: in English <>; in French <>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 13).

Women's Studies Resources, University of Iowa:>. (CCWH Newsletter (Fall 1996): 13). [Contains Florence Nightingale letters, voice recording, etc].



In 1917, Roberta Catherine MacAdams, a Nursing Sister of World War, was one of the first two women in Alberta to become a member of its legislature, the first to be voted an MP on British soil. She was elected by the soldiers and Nursing Sisters of Alberta. According to the Globe (Toronto), 29 December 1917, p. 10, MacAdams said:

The fighting men and nursing sisters of Alberta did not elect me because I was a woman, but because I was a human being whom they could trust to look after their interests in Parliament.



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