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Usually a book review begins the Bulletin. However, since the review for this issue is not ready and because some used nursing books have just come onto the market, I am postponing the review so that you can have an opportunity to add such choice volumes to your collection.

Enclosed is a list of items culled from the library of Janet Rush, RN, MHSc. Janet, a Director of Nursing in maternal and child health at St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, has decided to limit her collection to her specialty. The books are being sold by her husband, John Rush, who has been a bookseller for 15 years and is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Canada.



Archives canadiennes du mouvement des femmes/Canadian Women's Movement Archives is now located in Archives and Special Collections, Morisset Library, at the University of Ottawa, 65 University, Room 603, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9A5. TEL: 613/564-8129. CONTACT: Christine Banfill.

Canadian Nurses' Association Archives. Dr. Helen Mussallem has donated her professional and personal papers and other items to the CNA archives in Ottawa. ("Significant Archival Addition," Canadian Nurse 89 (November 1993): 16; "Les Archives s'enrichissent," L'infirmière Canadienne 89 (November 1993): 17.)

Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine. The Toronto Hospital, which is the corporate merger of the Toronto General and Toronto Western hospitals, announces its new Canadian Museum of Health and Medicine. The entire collection, including Dr. T. G. H. Drake's personal collection, was previously owned by the Academy of Medicine, Toronto. Felicity Pope, who was curator at the Academy, is curator of the Toronto Hospital museum. On November 16, at the Toronto General, the Canadian Museum opened its first exhibit, "Changing Practice: Toronto's Medical History." ("Hospital to Hold Museum Exhibition," Caring (Toronto Hospital Staff Newsletter) 5 (12 November 1993): [2].)

The Museum of Nursing History, Inc. is a permanent archival museum housed at the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Since 1985 it has been independently incorporated. Guided tours are available by appointment. CONTACT: The Museum of Nursing History, Inc., 362 Second Street Pike, Suite 168, Southampton, PA 18966. TEL: 215/829-3971.

The Toronto Transit Commission Archives (TTC) was created in 1990. If you are dating photographs or postcards related to nursing history and they contain TTC trams, etc., then Contact the TTC archivist, Ted Wickson, at 416/397-5000. He is located at the Metropolitan Toronto Archives and Record Centre, 255 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2V3. (Dan O'Reilly, "Travelling through T.O [Toronto] History," Real Estate News (Toronto Real Estate Board), 3 December 1993, C4.)

Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association has a collection of Florence Nightingale memorabilia which includes a glazed brown teapot, a picture from Nightingale's room at Lea Hurst, a brown leather bag in which she carried her prayer book to church, a note regarding her mother's effects and a family letter. These items, known as the "Booth collection," were donated in the 1950s by Mary Booth, who was born at Holloway, a Nightingale estate. (Newsletter (B.C. History of Nursing Professional Practice Group) 4 (June 1993): 13.)



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Health Archivists Interest Group. The Health Archivists Interest Group (HAIG) held its inaugural meeting 21 October 1993. Membership is open to anyone interested in medical/health care collections. CONTACTS: Barbara Craig, PhD, Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Toronto, 416/978-7093 and Carolyn Heald, Health/Social portfolio, Archives of Ontario, 416/327-1540. The group plans to keep in touch with members through a column in Off the Record. (Carolyn Heald, "Health Archivists Interest Group Formed," Off the Record (Archives Association of Ontario) 10 (October/December 1993): 12.)

Nursenet. Judy Norris writes that there is now a global electronic forum for nurses to discuss nursing issues. To subscribe, send an email message to In the body of the note say only: SUB NURSENET your first name your last name. To correspond with Judy send mail to JUDY NORRIS ( If that doesn't work, Judy can be located at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 550 University Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2A2. TEL: 416/597-5111 or FAX: 416/597-1977.



Allison, E. Merilyn. Nurses on Stamps: An Annotated Checklist of Nurses on Postage Stamps of the World. Ohio: Amos Philatelics, Inc., 1990.

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Nightingale, Florence. Suggestions for Thought: Selections and Commentaries. Edited by Michael D. Calabria and Janet A. Macrae. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, expected April 1994.

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Zalumas, Jacqueline. Caring in Crisis: An Oral History of Critical Care Nursing. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, expected May 1994.



Eighth International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Folklore. This meeting, co-sponsored by the Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Mexican Academy of Traditional Medicine, will be held at St. John's, Newfoundland, August 18-21, 1994. Abstracts due 30 April 1994. CONTACT: Dr. J. K. Crellin, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3V6.



Glennis Zilm writes that Mary Ard. MacKenzie and Scharley Wright Bryce-Brown, who were nominated by the nurses in B.C., have been accepted by the Canadian Nurses' Association for the memorial book. The history group in B.C. plans to submit another two in 1994: Sister Columkille and Emily Eliza Matthews. Nominees for 1994 include nurses who died prior to 1960 and in 1993. (Newsletter (B.C. History of Nursing Professional Practice Group) 4 (June 1993): 12).




13 April. Research '94. Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. CONTACT: Vivienne Hinds, Research Secretary. TEL: 416/978-5627 or FAX: 416/978-8222.

4-6 May. "Reinventing Archives." Annual conference of the Archives Association of Ontario. To be held in Hamilton, Ontario. CONTACT: Wayne Crockett, Program Committee Chair, TEL: 613/327-1537 or write c/o Archive Association of Ontario, P.O. Box 46009, College Park Post Office, 444 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 2L8.

11-13 May. "Innovations in Research and Practice: Along the Continuum of Elder Care." Fourth Annual Conference on Aging and Health, to be held in Charlottesville, Va. One session to be sponsored by the University of Virginia Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry. CONTACT: Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development, University of Virginia School of Nursing, McLeod Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903-3395. TEL: 804/924-0122.

10-13 Jun. Second international and interdisciplinary Qualitative Health Research Conference to be held in Hershey, Pa. Sponsored by The Pennsylvania State University. CONTACT: Eleanor L. Crowder, Ph.D. TEL: 814/863-2211.

17-19 Jun. CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference and General Meeting to be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba prior to the Canadian Nurses Association meeting. CONTACT: Ina Bramadat, Faculty of Nursing, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2. TEL: 204/474-6375 or FAX: 204/275-5464.

19-22 Jun. CNA Biennial Convention to be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

18-21 Aug. 8th International Conference on Traditional Medicine and Folklore to be held in St. John's, Newfoundland.

23-25 Sept. Eleventh Annual Conference of AAHN and the University of Illinois School of Nursing, Chicago, Illinois.


June. CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference and Meeting.

July 2-9. Mutiny and Medicine: An International Conference on the History of Medicine and Health, to be held at Norfolk Island, in the South Pacific Ocean. Sponsored by the Australian Society for the History of Medicine. CONTACT: Dr. John Thearle, Conference Secretariat, Australian Society for the History of Medicine, Department of Child Health, Mater Children's Hospital, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia. TEL: 61/07/840-8935; FAX: 61/07/844-9069. [courtesy Dr. Shirley Stinson].

Fall. Twelfth Annual Conference of AAHN. Co-sponsored with University of Arkansas School of Nursing, Little Rock.


June. CAHN/ACHN Annual Conference and Meeting.

Fall. Thirteenth Annual Conference of AAHN. Co-sponsored with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.



Until September 1994, "From Battlefield to Base Hospital: A 50th Anniversary of D-Day." At the Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton, England, a photographic display. CONTACT: Patrick Kirkby, Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley Abbey, Southampton, Hants. (Bulletin (AAHN) no.39 (Summer 1993): 7.



Rockefeller Archive Centre: Two recipients of stipends to conduct research at the Rockefeller Archive Center are working on nursing history: Kaiyi Chen, Archivist, University Archives, at the University of Pennsylvania, is researching the history of nursing in China; and, Anne Marie Rafferty, Lecturer in Nursing Studies and Research Associate, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine is studying the internationalizing of nursing education 1919-1956. (Bulletin (AAHN) no.39 (Summer 1993): 7.



Connor, Jennifer J. "Estate Records and the History of Medicine in Ontario." Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 10, no. 1 (1993): 97-114.

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Michard, Claire, and Catherine Viollet. "Sex and Gender in Linguistics: Fifteen Years of Feminist Research in the United States and Germany." 11 Feminist Issues (Spring 1991): 53-88.

Mitchinson, Wendy. "Medical Historiography in English Canada." Health and Canadian Society 1, no. 1 [1993]: 205-227. [ed. interesting bibliography].

[Zilm, Glennis]. "Pictures of Health." Newsletter (B.C. History of Nursing Professional Practice Group) 4 (June 1993): 15-16. [ed. the importance of identifying photograph subjects].



Qualitative Studies in the Health Sciences is a new annual refereed journal out of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. First issue due May 1994. The editorial board includes, among others, Dr. Angela Cushing (editor) and Carol Windsor (associate editor) who are on the faculty of the School of Nursing at QUT, and Drs. Christopher Maggs and Anne Marie Rafferty, both of Britain. CONTACT: Keith Done, Office of Commercial Services, Queensland University of Technology, 2 George Street, Level 3, U Block, GPO Box 2434, Brisbane, Queensland 4001, Australia. TEL: 61/07/864-2148 or FAX: 61/07/864-1512. [courtesy Dr. Shirley Stinson, who adds in her note that Cushing attended the CAHN/ACHN conference held in New Brunswick in 1992].

Health and Canadian Society/Santé et Société Canadienne. A new journal which "features scholarly, critical, theoretical, methodological and empirical work on health and health related issues," emphasizing material relevant to Canada. Themes of articles can relate to the social determinants of health, illness and health care, practitioners and institutions surrounding the delivery of health care, and economics and policy as they relate to health care. The editors are seeking papers from many disciplines including history. CONTACT: Dr. Barry Edginton, Editor-in-Chief HSC/SSC, Department of Sociology, University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3B 2E9.



Andrea Kovalesky R.N. edits an annual newsletter, TLC-PRN, and would like any news about nursing stamps and their collectors. She is at 5810 Fleming St., #62, Everett, WA 98203. ("Nursing Philatelists," Bulletin (AAHN) no. 40 (Fall 1993): 7.)

Edith Lees, a member of the B.C. History of Nursing Group is planning a book about Canadian military nursing. She would like to hear from anyone who may have information that will add to her research. CONTACT: Glennis Zilm, Editor, 2606 Bayview St., Surrey, BC, V4A 2Z4. TEL: 604/535-3238. (Newsletter (B.C. History of Nursing Professional Practice Group) 4 (June 1993): 7).



American Association for the History of Nursing:

The following papers were to be presented in Philadelphia, at the annual conference during October 1-3, 1993.

Baer, Ellen. "Leonhard Felix Fuld, PhD, LLM: Nineteenth Century Visionary in a Twentieth Century World."

Benson, Evelyn. "Nursing In Germany: An Historical Study of the Jewish Presence."

Brodie, Barbara. "Nurses on the Island of Hope and Tears: Ellis Island Hospital, 1900-1916."

Brunk, Quincealea. "A Journey from Invisibility: Unsung Lady Nurses of the South, 1861-1865."

Doona, Mary Ellen. " Sister Joseph Croke: Another Voice from the Crimean War (1854-1856)."

Egenes, Karen. "Movement Toward the Professionalization of Chicago Public Health Nursing: 1938-1960."

Grando, Victoria. "[The] American Nurses' Association's Economic Security Program, 1946-1965."

Greenhill, E. Dianne. "Lena Angevine Warner: Pioneer Southern Nurse."

Gurney, Cindy. "A Case for Quantitative Methods in Historical Study."

Hamilton, Diane. "Earnest Thought: The Columbian Exposition, 1893."

Hawkins, Joellen. "A Distinguished Nurse Among the Amherst Hitchcocks, Jane Elizabeth Hitchcock 1863-1939: Yankee Radical or Conformist?"

Helmstadter, Carol. "Historiography of Nursing: Four Case Histories from Nightingale Literature."

Lynaugh, Joan. "Nurses' Work in the Delaware Valley."

Mosley, Marie. "The Development of Black Community Health Nursing in the Northeastern United States, 1906-1934: Contributions of Elizabeth Tyler and Edith Carter."

Norman, Elizabeth. "How Did They All Survive?: An Analysis of American Nurses' Experience in Japanese Prisoner-of-War-Camps."

Patai, Frances. "Heroines of the Good Fight: U.S. Volunteer Nurses in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)."

Rafferty, Ann Marie, and Barbara Brush. "Conflict and Consensus: Nursing Internationalism and the International Council of Nurses."

Richardson, Sharon. "The Historical Relationship of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing and the Canadian Nurses Association."

Sorensen, Elaine. "Mormon Nursing: 1890-1920."

Sprayberry, Lynn D. "History of the Minnesota Nurses' Association: A Study of Organizational Change."

Stanley, Judith M. "In Nursing We have Our Own `Cold War'...."

Tallberg, Marianne. "The Correspondence Between a Finnish Nurse and her International Colleges in the Early 1920s: Ties."

Wiegman, Nanny. "The Singularity of Dutch Nursing in the Nineteenth Century."


British Columbia History of Nursing Professional Practice Group:

Goldstone, Irene. "Nursing's Response to Epidemics: Lessons from History." In Vancouver, at the annual meeting on April 15, 1993. (Newsletter (B.C. History of Nursing Professional Practice Group), 4 (June 1993): 1.)


Canadian Society for the History of Medicine:

Helmstadter, Carol. "Doctors and Nurses in the London Teaching Hospitals: Class, Gender, Religion and Professional Expertise, 1850-90." At the Learned Societies Conference in Charlottetown, PEI, 1992. (Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 10 (1993): 159.)


University of Virginia Nursing History Forums:

The following forums and papers were to be presented, during 1993, at the Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry (Windows in Time, 1 (June 1993): 3).

Cramer, Susan. "The Cadet Nurse Corps Revisited: A Celebration of Success."

Erickson, Grace. "`To Pauperize or Empower the Needy': Nursing the Sick at Home at the Turn of the Century."

Hudson, Kathy. "From Almshouses to Nursing Homes."

Ramos, Mary. "Lavinia Dock: Ahead of Her Time."

Rinker, Sylvia. "Overcoming `Rightful Delicacy' to Care for the Troops: Nursing in the Confederacy."



McGann, Susan. "Oral History Project." History of Nursing Society Journal (RCN) 4, (1992/93): 258. The Royal College of Nursing received a grant in 1992 to continue its oral history program. To date forty former nurses have been interviewed. Nurse members of the College, who trained before 1940, are now being interviewed.



Cooper, Signe. Review of First Words: Selected Addresses from the National League for Nursing, 1894-1933, edited by Nettie Birnbach and Sandra Lewenson. In Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 213-216.

Egenes, Karen J. Review of A Zeal for Responsibility: The Struggle for Professional Nursing in Victorian England, 1868-1883, by Judith Moore. In Bulletin (AAHN) no. 40 (Fall 1993): 5.

Flood, Marilyn E. Nurses' Work, the Sacred and the Profane, by Zane Robinson Wolf. In Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 229-231.

Gibbin, John R. Review of A Pictorial History of Netherne Hospital, by John C. Welch and George Frogley. In History of Nursing Society Journal (RCN) 4 (1992/93): 282-283.

Gibbin, John R. Review of A History of Mental Health Nursing, by Peter Nolan. History of Nursing Society Journal (RCN) 4 (1992/93): 283.

Hawkins, Joellen W. Review of Images of Nurses: Perspectives from History, Art, and Literature. In Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 234-237.

Lusk, Brigid. Review of The History of Nursing: An Interpretation of the Social and Medical Factors Involved, by Richard H. Shryock (1959). In Bulletin (AAHN) no. 40 (Fall 1993): 4.

McGann, Susan. Review of Angels in Africa: A Memoir of Nursing with the Colonial Service, by Bridget M. Robertson. In History of Nursing Society Journal (RCN) 4 (1992/93): 281.

Munger, Mary D. Review of The Path We Tread: Blacks in Nursing, 1954-1990, 2nd ed., by M. Elizabeth Carnegie. In Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 220-223.

Nuttall, P. D. Review of The Lamp Still Burns: A Short History of the National Florence Nightingale Memorial Committee, by Sheila Quinn. History of Nursing Society Journal (RCN) 4 (1992/93): 284-285.

Pollitt, Phoebe. Review of A Southern Woman's Story, by Phoebe Yates Pember (1879). (Bulletin (AAHN) no. 39 (Summer 1993): 4.

Stuart, Meryn. Review of Always a Sister: The Feminism of Lillian D. Wald, by Doris Groshen Daniels. In Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 226-229.



Air National Guard (USA): Lt.Col. Ruth Wong of the US Air Force would like to hear of nursing accomplishments and unit milestones related to the Air National Guard (ANG) of the Department of the Air Force in the USA. ANG has issued "Highlights in the History of Air National Guard Nursing" from 1955-1993 and would like to continue documenting the service. CONTACT: Lt. Col Ruth Wong, USAF, NC, ANGRC/SGN, 3500 Fetchet Avenue, Andrews AFB, MD 20331-5157. (Bulletin (AAHN) no. 39 (Summer 1993): 6.

Cadet Nurse Corps (USA): In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Cadet Nurse Corps, the U.S. Public Health Service wants to identify individual nurses who participated in the Corps. The Cadet Nurse Corp was initiated by the Nurse Training Act, the Bolton Act, in 1943. By 1948, when the program ended, more than 125,000 nurses had graduated from nursing schools across the United States under the legislation. CONTACT: RADM Julia Plotnick, Chief Nurse Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service, USPH/Cadet Nurse Corps, Parklawn Building, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Md 20857. (Bulletin (AAHN) no. 39 (Summer 1993): 6).

Isabel Hampton Robb: Nancy Noel RN, EdD is looking for memorabilia, including personal or family letters, related to Isabel Hampton Robb, born in Welland, Ontario in 1860. Isabel Hampton married Dr. Hunter Robb in the USA and is buried in Burlington, New Jersey. Nancy can be contacted at 43 Revere Road, Manhasset, New York 11030. (OHS Bulletin Issue 87 (September-October 1993): 2.



Borst, Charlotte G. "Catching Babies: The Change from Midwife to Physician-Attended Childbirth in Wisconsin, 1870-1930." Ph.D. diss., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1989. (Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 43.)

Poplin, Irene Schuessler. "A Study of the Kaiserswerth Deaconess Institute's Nurse Training School in 1850-1851: Purposes and Curriculum." Ph.D., diss., University of Texas at Austin, 1988. (Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 165.)

Smith, Susan L. "`Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired': Black Women and the National Negro Health Movement, 1915-1950." Ph.D. diss., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991. (Nursing History Review (AAHN) 2 (1994): 43.)



A Journey to Origins: Nursing...Past, Present and Future. Boston College School of Nursing Continuing Education Program has arranged a trip to Istanbul, Turkey and Athens, Greece from May 28-June 4, 1994. The trip will include papers and visits to the Nightingale Museum Barrack's Hospital Site in Istanbul, a hospital in Athens, and the 4th century B.C. temple to Aesculapius and his daughters Hygeia and Panacea in Epiduarus. Final payment is due before 15 April 1994. CONTACT: Mary Ellen Doona, R.N., Ed.D., Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167.



In 1930, Jean I. Gunn, Superintendent of Nurses at the Toronto General Hospital, wrote in the yearbook of the graduating class:

"The nursing profession has many traditions that have come through the courageous effort of those gallant pioneers who laid the early foundations on which the present-day nursing is based. . . . The development and adjustment of nursing to meet the ever-changing and ever-increasing demands of this generation . . ., calls for the same vision and wise judgment, the same unselfish devotion and the same undauntable pioneer spirit." (TGH, Yearbook vol. 7, 1930, 6)



May the new year be one of joy, health and peace.




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