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January 3, 1988



Date: November 5, 1987

Time: 2:30 P.M.

Place: Room 124, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, 50 St. George

Present: Judy Young

Mary Boite

Natalie Riegler

Regrets: Margaret Allemang

DISCUSSION: Included what information to disseminate to Ontario people interested in nursing history and how to do it.

A newsletter/bulletin sent out to Ontario registrants at the CAHN meeting, held June 9, 1987, might provide information as to an interest in forming an Ontario association of persons interested in the history of nursing.

Such a newsletter would include,

COMPLETED RESEARCH: Judith Young, "Attitudes and Practices Toward the Families of Inpatients at the Hospital for Sick Children Toronto from 1935 to 1975". A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Nursing inthe University of Toronto, 1987.

: Meryn Stuart. Ph.D. thesis completed.

RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: Natalie N. Riegler, Work and Networks of Jean I.Gunn, Superintendent of Nurses, Toronto General Hospital, 1913-1941.

Lynn Kirkwood.

USED BOOKS FOR SALE: Cook, Sir Edward, The Life of Florence Nightingale, London, 1913. 2 vols. c/o Peter L. Jackson, Military Books and Prints, 23 Castle Green Crescent, Weston, Toronto, M9R 1N5, (416) 249-4796.

Bishop, A. ed. Chronicles of Youth, New York, 1981. Vera Brittain's war diary as a VAD 1913-1917. c/o Peter L. Jackson.

NEW BOOKS: Reverby, Susan. Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of American Nursing, 1850-1945. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987.

Maggs, Christopher, ed. Nursing History: The State of the Art. England: Croom Helm Ltd, 1987.

TEAR-OFF RETURN: for recipient to return with name, address, phone#, interest in attending meetings ( 2 x year or annual), interest in receiving and contributing to a newsletter, area of interest in the history of nursing.

Also discussed,

1) Interest/affiliate group criteria. Mary Boite made available a letter from RNAO, October 6, 1987 re: special interest groups. She will look into further information and send it to Judy Young.

2) the use of a theme for meetings: leaders in nursing (meetings to be held near or on their birthday).and possible speakers, e.g., Nightingale, Dyke (Risk), Russell (Carpenter), Gunn (Riegler), Emory (Kirkwood),

3) other meeting topics: archives (Guillaume), artifacts (Grant), paediatrics (Young), Women's College Hospital (Sheinin), unions (Jensen), oral history Allemang/Guillaume).

DECISION; Judy Young will type up a newsletter and a mailing list.

Minutes written by Natalie Riegler


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